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To all Cambodians around the world, welcome to the Voice of Cambodian Children Website. We are based in Lowell, Massachusetts, the second largest Cambodian population in the United States of America. The Voice of Cambodian Children's mission is to educate and preserve our rich Cambodian heritage, culture, tradition, religion, and arts through the process of democratic education. We created the Voices of Cambodian Children to serve the needs for information to our fellow Cambodians locally as well internationally without bias. We do not belong to any political party in the United States nor in Cambodia. We urge all of our listeners and readers to help do something as Cambodian to preserve our rich heritage, culture, tradition, religion, and arts so that our children and our children's children have a place to call home.

It is never a better time than now to help our country and her people. We have the responsibilies as Cambodian around the globe of saving our homes, our friends, and our culture that in dire need of our love. Please help save Cambodia! our beloved homeland....

if you want to contact our volunteer staff directly: Just put your mouse cursor on his/her name then click and email links is available for all staff.

Mr. Sidney Liang Executive Producer of Voice of Cambodian Children 91.5FM WUML, Lowell , Massachusetts
Mr. Pere Pen

Producer: Arts and litterature - This segment dedicates to preserve and educate about our Cambodian cultures, heritages, literatures, history, music and its instruments.

Mr. Pahim Kay
Producer: Elders Program - This program segment provides folk tales and stories for today's people to interpret and understand. Many stories written from years ago are being evaluated and discussed to serve today's world. LIVE Callers are welcome! (978) 934-2030
Mr. Seang Sak
Producer: General Views - The opinions, poetry, and analysis of political and as well all view points of current events. Literature and language are also one valuable components of this program. Mails and other Correspondents can be sent to the address on your left.
Mr. Sonith Peou
Producer: Health Segments - brought to you from Lowell Community Health Center, this short educational segment provides different health topics, risk factors, symtomps, and preventive methods to promote healthy living.
Mr. Bunrith Sath Producer: Modern Khmer Artists and Entertainment The main mission of this segment is to produce, empower, and support the new generation of entertainers. The promotion of the new Cambodian artists/entertainers are our most important priority for our survival and existence of the new and generation X Cambodian entertainers. LIVE Callers are welcome! (978) 934-2030


For everyone that has vocc@khmervoices.org as their emails, please indicate their names on all your correspondents. All their mails (emails and snail mails) will be forwarded to them accordingly. Thank you for taking your time to get involve in our community and future. If you have story you would like to share with us, we encourage you to write, read, and or record the stories and send to us. We will be honored to post it on the site or read them on the air.

You can also contact us during Sunday show between 1:00pm and 5:00pm at (978) 934-4969; we can connect you to Lowell, Massachusetts - LIVE. Yes, you can express your opinion freely without persecution as long as it does not violate someone constitutional rights.

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