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Promotion of the new Cambodian artists/entertainers are our most important priority.
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Dedicates to preserve and educate Cambodian cultures, heritages, literatures, history, music and its instruments.
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The opinions, poetry, and analysis of political and as well all view points of current events.
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Many stories written from years ago are being evaluated and discussed to serve today's world.
















anupheam pok mot [samouth-sothea] banjie kmorch [ung nary]
ber anit [samouth] bomnol kam [samouth-sothea]
bompe soda chan[samouth-sothea] bomplech min ban jet kbot [sothea]
bondam keo somuntha [samouth-rorn] bondam steng kiev-sothea
bopha leak kloun [samouth] bopha rous roye [sothea]
chan chark mek [samouth] chhey lok bonchok -samouth
chhouk roth meas bong[samouth-sothea] chom rieng tiev[samouth-sothea]
chomrieng lea knea [sothea] chomrieng luk pkar [samouth-sothea]
chomrieng sne somrob oun [samouth] chomrieng sne yerng [samouth-sothea]
duong jet own [sothea] jam nhor nhem chea thmei - samouth
jeang bong dai ek [in yeng -pen rorn] jeng jien pech na oun [samouth]
jet1 thlerm1 [samout-sothea] jet et la-eang [samouth-sothea]
jet et metta [sothea] jivit thmei[vor sarun-sothea]
joet jet [samouth] jomrork pheakdei [samouth-sothea]
kam kay min tieng -samouth kdao nas[sos matt]
knom mean ku haey [samouth-rorn] kom khat bong ey [samouth-sothea]
konseng krohorm[samouth] ko-orm thmei [chea savoeun-sothea]
kor-ope klen pkha [sothea] kromom khmer ler [samouth-sothea]
lea pros jet prean [sothea] lohet veasna [samouth]
mday nung kone [pen rorn] min plech bondam [samouth]
neary samai [samouth-sothea] neas kir kam oun [sothea]
neavear jivit [samouth] nisai sne[samouth-sothea]
nor rok lok kei [samouth-sothea] ntrea prok prum-samouth
orn mok ptem-samouth oun jaet jet heay [sothea]
oun jam te bong [sothea] oun yum roeung avey [samouth]
pa le lai [samouth-sothea] phat jeay bondole jet [samouth]
phei avey mles [sothea] pka chhouk rohong[samouth-pen rorn]
pkay preah angea [samouth] pov ngor roeung ey [samouth]
preah peay phat [pen rorn] prot chnay pi mday [samouth]
prot sne som nob [samouth] prous roeung avey [sothea]
pseng moronak [samouth] ros komdor sne [samorn-savoeun]
russei 1derm [sothea - ung nary] Saek Bek Knea-samouth
sday chhorm [samouth] sday vey komlos [samouth]
sen klorch psar - sothea si-klo[yus orlarong]
sne chhorm pisei [samouth-sothea] sne ha jompa meas[samouth-sothea]
sneha pinvong [samouth-sothea] som pnher choerng - sothea
soriya psorng sne [samouth] sra 1 keo [sothea]
srey kbot kdei sne [samouth-sothea] sronos dai thnam [samouth]
srormai ku sne [samouth-sothea] terk kroeung unlok kchei [samouth]
terng truong klang nas [samouth] tgnai trung krolouch [sothea]
tharn sour tharn sne [by samouth-sothea] tngai neas min jol phteas [samouth]
vorsa dol haey [samout] akara lohet[samouth-sothea]
a'kok knay veng [samorn-savoeun] alo oun alo bong [samouth-sothea]
bong mean thmei[peou-vannary] japei
Dream Days of Freedom
Dry Lake of Black Water Province
Khmer Krom's Sadness
Khmer rights
Sorrow of Diabled Veterans
sea of tears


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