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Hi Everyone,

On behalf of everyone at VOCC, I would like to extend our depeestest thanks and gratitude to everyone near and far who support our Ceremony on June 10th, 2006, at Khemara Restaurant. It was a very successful event and we manage to raise some fund to purchase one HP computer for our website audiences. Below are names of those that supported our ceremony. I will also post the image of the computer that we bought with the fund that we've raised. In every way shape or form, we thank everyone for their support in this endeavor. Please continue to support us..PE@lchealt

Khemara Restaurant (978) 452-4431
Sareth Auto Service and Sale (978) 654-6950
Le Petit Cafe (978) 459-5999 - Sokhan
Lowell Community Health Center (978) 441-1700
Cambodian Elder Council
BSOT - Mr. Sak Seang
Louis Pinn Insurance (978) 452-4748
Rithy Video
Hong Kong Supermarket
Battambang Market - Leng Boreth
Kampuchea Video

Our other Individual SUPPORTERS:

Theng Lorn, Lach Lonh, unknown, Buntha Krouch, Solinna In - Chhin Tean, Khim Nuth, Eang Chhay, Munty Pot, Yang Sokhan, Thay Plok, Sok Chea, Luy Hak, Boly Bong, Yeay Hor, Lokta-Kom, Leakhena Chea, Dr. Sambath, Lek Samoeun, Saroeun Lamm, Sam Sunn, Hak Sayleng, Ek Lath, Ven Proeung, Leng Sro, Khun Sath, Mourng Len, Kim Chak, Kong Sarom, Liew T. Huli, Pon Muk, Vicharo, Hin Pin, Chhory Lang, Rath Suon Phoeum Om, Hom Hun, Im, Ung Chou, Tech Heng, Lep Plang, Keang Sok, Vanny Ma, Kowith and Niem, Sar Kim, Rin Sok, Nhep Dyna, Jeanine Chhoeum, Eang Chhay, Chhor Pol and Hok Leung, Yem Buddhiary, Chuon and family, Peou Sonith, Jakrey Em, Nguon (Pthmei), Ma Mun, Tok, Mam Heng, Thou Saroeun, Chan Sanith Tang, Tim Sin, Pheap Tim, Pharch Vourn, Sour Lavy Saing, Chhit Sinn, Sokchea Oeur, Lim Lun and Tim Soeum, Ravy Mom, Minh Bun, Chen Chuon, Pahim Kay and family, Loy Riel and Chhat, Suon Cheat, Song Sophanny, Sung Sopheap, Bun Hing, Ath, Samanang Mam, Kim long and Rithy Bun, Chanthuok and Brandon, Vichany, Christina, Yourn Yem, Rom Yath, Hem Horn, Neang Porsou, Ky Hi, Phat Oun, Leng Boreth, Sothea Keo, Sareth Chea, Dennis Chea, Touch Nam, Buntha Krouch, Chhan Chhin, Chhem Chhin, Chhem Roun, Pere Pen, Neang Ngo, Che Kech, Lay Nguon, Keo Sokha, Venerable Bo, Venerable Vorn, Vesna Nuon, Seng Prum, Pan SO, Ek Lath, Yean Chhoeun, Sara Bun, Em Samnang, Maung SamAng, Vannaet,


Thak you for taking your time to get involve in our community and future. If you have story you would like to share with us, we encourage you to write, read, and or record the stories and send to us. We will be honored to post it on the site or read them on the air.

You can also contact us during Sunday show between 1:00pm and 5:00pm at (978) 934-4969; we can connect you to Lowell, Massachusetts - LIVE. Yes, you can express your opinion freely without persecution as long as it does not violate someone constitutional rights.