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These are some of the pictures and videos that we have been archived for everyone. We will try to add more pictures/videos of events for your entertainment and educational purposes as they become available. If you want any copy of these pictures or videos, please contact vocc@khmervoices.org and we will be happy to provide you with a copy. On the other hand, if have suggestions, questions, or comments please provide to us via email at vocc@cambodianvoices.org or via snail mail at Voice of Cambodian Children, P.O. Box 7236, Lowell, MA 01852. We are not a paid professional anchors and/or hosts, but we are doing our best to provide you with the best interviews, programs, and activities never seen or heard anywhere else in the world. If you would like to donate to our program, please go to our homepage and click on the Master/Visa Card Donation button and follow the direction. Thank you and enjoy the VOCC program....

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Thank you for taking your time to get involve in our community and future. If you have story you would like to share with us, we encourage you to write, read, and or record the stories and send to us. We will be honored to post it on the site or read them on the air.

You can also contact us during Sunday show between 1:00pm and 5:00pm at (978) 934-4969; we can connect you to Lowell, Massachusetts - LIVE. Yes, you can express your opinion freely without persecution as long as it does not violate someone constitutional rights.