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The following are some of the religious materials worth reading and listening to. If you have something and would like to share with others, please send it to me and I will share them with our Cambodian people across the globe. While most of the items I have are of buddhist nature, you can sent other religion's materials to me as well- all are welcome.

Very special thanks to Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center and Professor Alain Daniel, UNESCO and Cambodian National Commission for UNESCO for this restoration of Ta Krut's storytelling of Reamker. For more information visit: bophana website
Reamker by Takrut CD.1
Reamker by Takrut CD.2
01. Birth of Krong Vey Reap, Krong Phiphet and Krong Khor
02. Birth of Sokrip, Pealy and Angkut
03. Birth of Hanuman
04. Hanuman and Sokrip accompany Preah Ream seeking for Sita
05. Bridge construction from Khas Khim Borei to Lanka
06. Hanuman reigns and married with Machhanup
07. Hanuman go to see Sita at Lanka
08. Preah Ream is angry at Hanuman and sentences him to death
09. Krong Vey Reap and Indrajit fight against Preah Ream and Hanuman
10. Mahakhenei kidnap Preah Ream and water flows
11. Hanuman frees Preah Ream
12. Angkut and Kesor Choumpoupean go to find the arrow Brahmastr
13. The revenge of S.Maha Rom El on Neang Neuk Sorya
14. The fight of Mahonsanayoun against P.Leak & Angkut
15. The evil spell of K.Vey Reap
16. Hanuman frees P.Ream from K.Vey Reap
17. Hanuman destroys the meditation of K.Vey Reap
18. The battle between P.Ream, K.Vey Reap & Indrajit
19. The battle between Hanuman and his sol
20. P.Ream sentences Sita to death for her betrayal
21. Birth of Ream P.Leak & Choub Leak
22. The battle of Ream P.Leak & Choub Leak against P.Ream
23. P.Ream sleeps in the coffin for the back of Sita
24. Dream of Sita_ Ream P.Leak seperate from the palace
25. The hermit Mony Akineth seeks a husbands for Boprek Kroob
26. Boprek Kroob was kidnaped by Krong Vey Krai Chak
27. Vey Reap becomes a mountain under the arrow of P.Ream
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